Max Bernier speaks candidly about the 2021 Fall election, how the PPC will prepare for the next cycle, and where Canadians should expect to roll up th...View Details

Tim and Mike find more caveats than commitments in Ontario's plan to end emergency powers. 

Ontario Hospital Whistleblower shares her experience of working on the Covid floor. She Shares some pretty shocking truths and fills us in on what the...View Details

Great nations and traditions hinge on the legitimate lesser magistrate: one who is willing to interpose between the oppressor and the oppressed. We li...View Details

Dr. Julie Ponesse- Former Ethics Teacher at Western University was recently terminated for refusing to take the experimental Covid-19 Vaccine. After b...View Details

Western University Student- Hannah Salmon-Vegh speaks about how Covid Mandates at schools have left many students scrambling for their futures. Hannah...View Details

Dr. Patrick Phillips has recently been barred from providing exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines to his patients. The media states that he's been spreadi...View Details

Mike and Tim discuss in detail the GLOBAL COVID SUMMIT – ROME, ITALY DECLARATION and Canadian Covid Care Alliance Declaration that have been signed by...View Details

Chris Olson- A Canadian pilot, talks about the devastating effects Covid-19 has caused the Aviation Industry. He shares his organization: Free2Fly and...View Details

 Dr. Chris Shaw explains how Covid-19 and vaccines are being utilized to push the "Great Rest Agenda". Klaus Martin Schwab- the founder and chairman o...View Details

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