Dispatch News January 20, 2022 All the ways you can tap into LCC and share our content/messages: Gab:gab.com/libertycoalitioncanada Telegram:https://...View Details

Our contact from a Canadian vaccine rollout program exposes egregious violations of medical ethics, procedural errors, and coercive and intimidating m...View Details

Pastor John MacArthur from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California has launched a call for churches to join in preaching together on January 1...View Details

When new data emerges proving masks are useless, vaccines don't prevent spread, the media postures like they've always known. Canada returning to lock...View Details

***Warning: Mature Content*** Marriage and sexual therapist Ann Gilles explains the real and dark nature of the lifestyles being promoted and protecte...View Details

Author, Blogger, and Speaker Samuel Sey (www.slowtowrite.com) aptly summarizes the key principles behind Critical Race Theory and its assertions. With...View Details

From 3 pastors on the front lines of the battle for liberty in Canada: a galvanizing message to focus our efforts for the year ahead. All the ways you...View Details

As part of our return to liberty, Canadians must face down the bureaucratic and global ambitions latent in our civic institutions. Widely published jo...View Details

Bill Gairdner recalls poignant moments from history and his own life to picture both the effects of Leftism, and some of its causes; a bright and trea...View Details

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